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You can view samples of our professional work here. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Many people underestimate music education in the schools today, as well as the teachers are trained in music. However, music education is extremely important, and so are the teachers. In college, music education is one of the largest, most dense programs.

Teachers have to learn general education materials, psychology, and technique. Music is important in that it helps with math and science. Students learn to count, keep a steady rhythm, and how to multiply and divide. As they learn, they use prior knowledge to figure out what else might sound good together, which can lead to composing.

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However, today, the trend towards cutting funds for music programs is an alarming one. While athletics are rarely touched, music is often the first to go. Elementary students no longer have the opportunity to learn an instrument or sing in a chorus. Less and less professional music teachers are available and many students are losing their internets in music.

Because of that, programs in middle and high schools are affected and soon eliminated as well.

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On top of that, many issues that occurred within the music education system have been neglected for centuries. Issues such as physiology of music education, creativity, problems of western teaching method, instrumental teacher and formal verses informal learning have all posed problems in the western music education society. The following essay is going to discuss the basis of music education-the main issues in terms of education, music learning and teaching.

Music education brings higher thinking to our children. It allows them to think about complex patterns. It almost leads to a philosophical environment. Students have to be absolutely aware of what every other musician does at every time. In that way, it fosters cooperation, as well.

No musician is independent of the whole, and yet each musician is a part of that whole, with a unique part and sound Guth, Students tend to foster close relationships with other musicians and with their music teachers. They tend to have a higher aptitude and sometimes capability for learning. Students frequently appear to be having fun while they are making music because music is fun music can portray any mood, and it takes a special, interested person in order to make it good.

The child who allots time for practicing each day is known to develop similar habits in conjunction with other subjects as well.

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Ensemble experience also builds teamwork. There is evidence that suggests pupil-teacher interactions are largely dominated by teacher statements about how problems should be solved while very few question are asked of student Hepler, ; Wsrts, Stimulating musical abilities is also very important.

9 Important Personal Statement Tips for Law School Applicants

Some people believe that musicality cannot be taught, and is in fact the most innate and natural of all musical aptitudes and skills. Most of the responsibility is on the teacher, it is important for teacher to give student a wide range of repertoire to listen and ask them to tap while listening, this could help them to focus, increase their memory, and have cohesive thought and creative expression.

Find a way to make the music more fun and more interesting and find ways to stimulate their creativity in every little task they do. Most of schools in western society employ western teaching method.

The importance of music education in schools

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Making One Essay Work for Multiple Schools

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