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After searching the Web far and wide for a page of eighteenth-century English women's names to give my characters, and finding nothing, I gave up and compiled this page on my own. After being out of style for several generations, some of these names are regaining their own among hip young parents--particularly the names from the "Harlot's Progress" section.

The Case of the Closely Watched Courtesans

There are certain names which were inescapable for the entire period, and for centuries before and after. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content.


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Women in 18th-century warfare

Translations: The Works of the Marchioness de Lambert. Despite their prevalence, some European authorities saw a corrupting power in such cosmetic enhancements. A complete toilette set in gilt-silver and porcelain made in Germany, c.

Getting dressed in the 18th century - working woman

Via the Metropolitan Museum of Art. As the ritual grew in social importance, toilette sets began to encompass a larger array of opulent objects: combs and brushes; decorative containers for storing cosmetics, patches, and utensils; a table adorned with embroidered fabric; and the ultimate luxury object, an extravagant mirror. It became a symbol for this whole world of getting dressed, the nudity and all that that implies, without ever showing anything truly private.

While elaborate containers for holding face patches started as part of the morning toilette set, later versions were made to be carried like a compact for re-applying the spots as necessary. Although such boxes ranged from cheap souvenir trinkets to custom engraved cases adorned with precious gemstones, the patches themselves remained inexpensive to purchase.

+ French Baby Names For Girls and Boys

Left, an Italian micro-mosaic patch box from around Right, a porcelain patch box in the shape of a masked woman, c. If you had just two or three scars on your face, though, you could wear patches to cover those.

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Such beauty spots signified not merely a language of sexual coquetry, but sexual license. Even in the 20th century, the trend for flashy beauty spots has gone in and out of vogue every few years.

Silent-film star Clara Bow was regularly photographed wearing artificial beauty marks, as seen in this image from Martine Carol wore obvious beauty patches in her title role of the film "Madame du Barry," which chronicles the life of Louis XV's mistress. Recently watching an old British TV series Skins I noticed where the make-up people apparently slipped.

Twins who had marks on opposite cheeks were apparently shown one having no mark and the other having the mark on the wrong cheek.