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Teaching Cildren to be Good Members of Society

We make choices in life based on our learning and experience. The choices and decisions we make can be wrong or right, gentle or harsh, selfish or kind. It kind of shapes our identity. You gain the ability to decide what is wrong. If you find yourself going against your moral values you may develop a feeling of guilt. Our moral values are also rooted and influenced by our religion. Religion sets the manner and the code by which its believers should live. The adherents of a particular religion would follow the religions set of rules.

A perfect example for this is caste discrimination and untouchability. These are the blindly followed religious standards, highly opposed by other groups of society. Thus moral values are derived from several aspects of life. We develop our ideas and beliefs in life from the cultures, religion, society, personal experiences and universal standards. Honesty, selflessness and humility are more rewarding in terms of satisfaction and happiness. Following the path of morality is the true spirit of humanity.

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Moral values are the principles and ethics of an individual that guide him about good or evil. Morality not only leads us to the purposeful life but is also valuable asset for the society and our nation. Values of an individual are influenced by his religion, culture and his overall living conditions. Diversity in culture hugely reflects in the moral values of different individuals.

Culture sets a common code of conduct and values that meet social expectations and cohesive understanding of good and bad. Personal values may either be in accord with or may disagree with customary standards. Personal values are derived from internal instinct for what is good, attractive, important, lovable, desirable, positive and practical. Values compose behavior of an individual and induce their decisions.

When personal, cultural and religious values are held inflexibly it may result in chaos and conflicts. Over the time personal values accepted by groups of people and communities lay the foundations of law and social norms.

Personal moral values help clarify people what is worth doing in life and building their basic attitude towards life. Diverse cultures have their own sets of moral values. The values of the society are identified by the acceptance received between different groups. For example, the concept of live-in relationship was considered outright immoral and unethical until few years back.

However, it has slowly started gaining acceptance with the changing notions of the newer generation. Moral education helps develop people as socially more responsible and acceptable. Values are derived from social norms but are more universal and intellectual. Social norms are the standards set for the code of conduct while values classify what is right or wrong.

Values are concerned with the actual implementation of what is vital. For instance, we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti which has become a norm but it reflects our value of respect for the father of the nation.

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  6. Diverse cultures define different cultural values and different values have different importance. Moral values and beliefs of people change with changing times. Individual values of the members of the same culture may vary. It represents the ability of a person to amalgamate the norms from diverse cultures.

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    Personal values that promote social welfare or are in favor may be accepted over the time by society and nation. Login in to your account.

    Speech on moral values by Chahat Sharma Nilokhkheri

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    My Moral Values

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    Religion is one of the most important sources of moral values. Religions commonly provide the individuals with the sets of rules that sustain their principles and have to be followed by all members of a certain religious group. In other words, it is the behavioral code that has to be maintained by the followers of a religion.

    The Best Topics On Moral Values To Explore In An Essay

    In case an individual breaks part of this code, he or she is considered to have committed a sin that is going to be punished somehow. There are a number of examples of different moral values in various religions and cultures. For example, monogamy is propagated by Christianity; therefore, having more than one spouse is considered a sin. In the meantime, polygamy is allowed in Islam; consequently, a man can have more than two wives.